Break Time

I’m not suffering from writer’s fatigue. I love writing. When I take breaks from the normal day-to-day, I write. However, my story is feeling bland.

Months ago, I was in love with this story, writing it at a fever pace. When I finished it, last December, I couldn’t wait to jump into the editing process and tease out new content. I had a solid editing plan. I have to remind myself of this moment in time. The story doesn’t suck. I love it. I just need a little break.

I have a decent pile of other writing ideas, so I jumped into one of those. This other story is very different from the one I’m editing. It feels fresh and new. It’s coming along, nicely. After spending time with this story, which is much darker in tone, I felt rejuvenated and ready to jump back into editing Save the Last Game.

I’m not sure if alternating between writing two different stories is a thing, but I’m finding that it helps renew my interest in the journey. It makes sense. I spent many months with a singular focus on this story and these characters. It was bound to grow tiresome. But now I’m back at editing and loving it.

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