PS Plus: July 2017 Spotlight

Developer: Supermassive Games

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Release Date: August 25, 2015

Available On: PS4

In a world of ugly faces, Until Dawn brings a group of beautiful people, to a mountain resort, one year after the disappearance of their friends. Until Dawn is built on the Decima engine, responsible for the amazing visuals in Horizon Zero Dawn and the, sure to be amazing, Death Stranding.

Until Dawn isn’t a challenging game, in the sense that you need to memorize boss attack patterns or nail the landing on difficult platforming sections. When a character dies, they remain dead and you move onto the next character. It plays more like an interactive movie, where you need to make decisions to escape a slasher by either jumping out a window or hiding under the bed. One option will get you killed, while the other could lead to safety. There is a butterfly effect to every decision you make and the game does a good job of tracking your decisions and letting you know how a prior decision resulted in a specific event. There are multiple endings and knowing what decisions resulted in each death, creates fun and interesting reasons to play through the game several times.

Pick this game up, for free this month and see how many of these characters can survive, Until Dawn.

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