Rewriting Through Disappointment

After finishing the first draft of my book, in early December, I jumped into rewrites. I know everyone says first drafts are rough, but I was still unprepared. I’ve done a ton of rewriting. One hundred and forty-two pages to be exact. At the rate I’m going, I just might rewrite the whole thing and I’m remarkably okay with this.

I could have gotten mad and quit, but I didn’t. I learned from the process. I recognized where my writing was weak and have been taking time to fix it. I see where my characters are needing stronger motivations and better development. Having finished the book, I know where their journey leads and how they’re affected. Now, I get to spend more time with these characters and care for them more than I previously had.

There are many unforeseen changes and additions. New story arcs and subplots too. Part way through the edits, I came up with an idea for another series and created an outline for five more books. After fifty more page edits, more ideas and an outline for a separate six book series. Now, I’m alternating between editing the first book and writing a new one. I’ll probably go mad, but for now, I’m loving living in these worlds.

I’ve come to realize, editing is not the demon beast, I originally thought it to be. It’s sparked new ideas and helped me find more creative ways to express myself.

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